Church Outreach

Each week, the church meets corporately to go out and spread the gospel, invite people to church and follow up on visitors

Bus Ministry

Our bus and vans pick up adults and children each Sunday for Sunday school and church.

Sunday School

We have a graded Sunday and different adult classes.

Music Ministry

Our music minister is building a vibrant music ministry that honors the Lord and prepares the heart for the message of the Word of God. Church members can join the choir, sing specials, and play instruments.

Youth Ministries

During the school months on Wednesdays, we have a Patch The Pirate Program for 2-year-olds through 6th grade. Each Wednesday night our teenagers have a separate service in the family life center.

Young At Heart

Each month our retired people meet for a time of fellowship and encouragement together.

Men's Ministries

Each quarter the men of the church have fellowship and instruction. This is often used as a time where our pastor informs the men of important information regarding the ministry and it's needs. Stong spiritual male leadership is essentianal to any local church. Our men have a yearly "Iron Sharpeneth Iron" conference. This is a conference for teenages through adults. Churches from around the area attend as well. On one Saturday a month pastor invites all the men to join him for a time of prayer for the ministry.This is a special time where they meet with God in prayer.

Sisters 4 Sisters

Each month, our Widow ladies meet for a time of food, fellowship, Bible teaching, and activities. The ministry takes seriously the admonition of scripture, caring for the "widows indeed."

Denim & Lace

This an all-ladies church fellowship lead by our Pastor's wife. This is a special time for our ladies to connect and pray one for another. Refreshments and time around God's Word is always a blessing as well.